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Yoga Girl Morning Affirmations - Gift For Mom, Gift For Women - Personalized Water Tracker Bottle

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Personalized Tracker Bottle is a great gift choice for your friend and family on any occasion: Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Father’s Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary or Graduation, etc.


"My morning affirmations
I love and respect my body
I am worthy of love and joy
I will search for the good in bad situations
I am getting stronger every day
It's ok to make mistakes
I can do this
I will treat myself with kindness
I use my failures as stepping stones
My voice matters
I am proud of myself and all that I have accomplished
I believe in my skills and abilities
I am brave strong loved safe enough unique intelligent appreciated trustworthy resilient kind".


  • This is a customized product with a customized design
  • Our Water Tracker Bottle makes things easy. With a time marker measuring how much water you should be drinking hour-by-hour, you can stay on track with your water consumption each day.
  • A wide opening, 32-oz capacity with Fast Water Flow Technology makes your drinking experience a delight. Hydration should be simple. 
  • With an in-built fruit infusion filter and a wide mouth for pouring and filtering, a cold, refreshing fruit flavored drink is ready at your service at any time. It also keeps ice from blocking the infusion bottle nozzle while you're drinking from your infuser bottle.


  • Material: Copolyester Tritan
  • Size: 32 Oz


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Kimberly Hughes
    Drinking bottle

    Love it

    Yahna Talley

    I received my Wander Prints Yoga Affirmations bottle and it is SOOO BEAUTIFUL! It looks exactly like what is described. I started using it and it is definitely keeping me on track with my daily water intake. I also received it fast. Listen, I love writing reviews when they are deserving. Let me just say that it is my pleasure to write this one. Order today! I will be ordering from Wander Prints again. This is also a perfect gift.

    Mary Dough
    Dress wear

    I like your bottle but … I’m a Christian that wears dresses 🙂 & I don’t do yoga. Maybe more choices on designing & personalizing one’s own bottle front 🙂